Geotechnical laboratories make extensive use of computers and automated testing, and we offer specially written software packages designed to record and analyse test data. Presentation of results is in test report format, giving geotechnical engineers total control over all areas of analysis where an engineering judgement is required.

GDU 8 Channel Data Acquisition Unit 220-240 V 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph.

The GDU is a stand-alone, multi-tasking, multi-channel data logger, that is reliable and powerful, enabling it to co-ordinate test data from the range of ELE transducers required for various test methods.

The ELE Geotechnical Software package (DS7.1 and following), in conjunction with the GDU and a range of transducers, are the two central components required to create a modern turnkey soil testing system. Being fully modular it can be adapted to a wide range of soil testing laboratory configurations.

• For performing CBR, Consolidation, Direct/Residual Shear and Total & Effective Stress Triaxial tests
• 8 Channels expandable to 32 for performing multiple, concurrent tests for cost savings
• Independent signal conditioning on each channel to maintain data accuracy
• Field-upgradeable software, meaning no downtime for future software and functionality upgrades
• PC link via RS232 (DS7.1 only), or RS232 and Ethernet P2P/LAN (with DS7.2 and following)

• Extended warranty




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