The new ADR Touch Series, with 145mm (5.7”) high resolution QVGA touch screen interface and intuitive menu-driven operation, reduces the time taken to set up the machine and perform tests, reducing the time to train staff by up to 25%.

  • Up to 6 sample types can be set as favorites, enabling one-touch set up for repeat testing.
  • Full, QWERTY touch pad for input of test data.

Most testing errors produce lower strength results. Non-compliant loading rates can generate errors in measured strength. The user interface includes real-time display of load vs. time, further ensuring accurate and consistent test results and providing “goodness of test” data to improve traceability in your QC operations.

Traceability & Data Quality

The ADR range now provides improved data quality and traceability in due diligence cases – it is now possible to demonstrate traceability all the way from the machine/user to the accreditation body, increasing your reputation and peace of mind – all test results now come complete with the machine serial number attached.

  • Enhanced USB data communications between PC and machine – eliminating the need for download software.
  • Two gigabytes of storage memory.
  • Full customization of sample sizes – stress calculations are automatically recalculated.