GDU 8 Channel Data Acquisition Unit 220-240 V 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph.

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GDU 8 Channel Data Acquisition Unit 220-240 V 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph.



Compaction & CBR Test Equipment, Consolidation Apparatus, Soil Strength (Triaxial), Direct Shear and Vane Tests, Data Logging, Software and Electronic Instrumentation, Soils

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California Bearing Ratio, One-Dimensional Consolidation, Electronic Instrumentation, Data Acquisition

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Data Logging with the GDU, Geotechnical Data Acquisition Unit (GDU), Automatic Data Acquisition - CBR, Automatic Data Acquisition - Triaxial, Automatic Data Acquisition - Consolidation, Automatic Data Acquisition - Direct Shear

The GDU is a stand-alone, multi-tasking, multi-channel data logger, that is reliable and powerful, enabling it to co-ordinate test data from the range of ELE transducers required for various test methods.

The ELE Geotechnical Software package (DS7.1 and following), in conjunction with the GDU and a range of transducers, are the two central components required to create a modern turnkey soil testing system. Being fully modular it can be adapted to a wide range of soil testing laboratory configurations.

• For performing CBR, Consolidation, Direct/Residual Shear and Total & Effective Stress Triaxial tests
• 8 Channels expandable to 32 for performing multiple, concurrent tests for cost savings
• Independent signal conditioning on each channel to maintain data accuracy
• Field-upgradeable software, meaning no downtime for future software and functionality upgrades
• PC link via RS232 (DS7.1 only), or RS232 and Ethernet P2P/LAN (with DS7.2 and following)

• Extended warranty




Description GDU 8 channel data acquisition unit
Transducer Supply 10vDC.
Voltage Supply 220-240 V 50/60 Hz



Case Aluminum, free standing; houses power supply, analog to digital conversion module and an 8-channel analog input module with transducer energization.
Sockets Standard 5-pin DIN type.
Input Range ± 5 volts to ± 10 mV full scale.
Transducer Supply 10vDC.
Dimensions 12.8” w. x 14.3” d. x 6.1” h. (325 x 363 x 155 mm).
Weight Net 14.08 lbs. (6.4 kg).