Specific Gravity (Rice) Test with 2,000 gram Vacuum Pyknometer

Our list of current Specific Gravity (Rice) Test with 2,000 gram Vacuum Pyknometer products are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Residual Pressure Manometer

The digital residual pressure manometer is an accurate and non-toxic alternative to Mercury manometers used in the Rice Test. Ideal for field or laboratory use, the Model 45-9330 Single Pressure Digital Manometer measures low pressures from -20 to 20" w.c. (-37.4 to 37.4 mm Hg) with ±1.5% full scale accuracy.

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Aspirator Type Filter Pump

The Aspirator Filter Pump used for high performance vacuum filtrations under both high and low water pressure conditions.

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Rice Test Vibrator

The Rice Test Vibrator is used with the 45-9300 6000 g Vacuum Pyknometer. Adjustable clamps hold the pyknometer securely to the base during vibration.

110-120 V 60 Hz

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High Capacity Electronic Balance

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Vacuum Pyknometer (2,000 gram)

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Plastic Filtering Flask

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Filtering Kit

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