The Loss-on-Ignition of Cement and Building Lime can be determined using a Muffle Furnace to oxidize the sample in air at 975 ± 25ºC.

Muffle Furnace see Laboratory Equipment Section

Crucibles see Laboratory Equipment Section

Porcelain Crucible

30ml capacity complete with lid.

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Muffle Furnace

The unique design of oven door for safe and easy operation to ensure that the high-temperature hot gas will not escape from inside the oven.

Inert gas inlet and outlet reserved in the chamber.

Micro-computer PID controller: easy operation, accurate, reliable and safe control.

Inside lining of fire-door and box panel are both made of stainless steel materials and are corrosion-resistance and free deformation under high temperature. 

Light chamber for durable service (refractory-brick chamber and ceramic-fiber chamber are optional).

With excellent door seal, thermal loss is minimised and temperature evenness is increased in the chamber. 

Complies to: EN 196-2 (EN 196-21), EN 459-2, EN 13454-2

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