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Pulse Echo Concrete Tester



Non-Destructive Testing of Hardened Concrete

Sub Category:

Pulse Velocity Measurement

Product Group:

Ultrasonic Detection

The Pulse Echo Concrete Tester extends the ultrasonic application to objects where access is restricted to a single side. Major applications are slab thickness measurements and the location of voids and delaminations. Rugged touchscreen with intuitive user interface. 

B-Scan is constructed directly on the instrument as the scan is carried out.

Can be upgraded to Multi-Channel.

The same instrument can be used with classic pulse velocity transducers.

Applications include: pulse velocity determination, quality assessment and uniformity, thickness measurement from a single side, location of delaminations, voids and honeycombing, location of hollow pipes, location of pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer and assessment of fibre reinforced concrete. 

Description Pulse Echo Concrete Tester
Measuring range Up to 1 m depending on concrete quality 
Bandwidth  20 to 500 kHz
Technology  Single channel ultrasonic pulse-echo 
Measuring resolution 0.1 us
Pulse voltage UPE ± 50 to ± 200 V
Receiver gain  1 to 10,000x (0 to 80 dB) 
Nominal transducer frequency 24-500 kHz
Pulse shape  Square wave
Number of channels  1