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Oakfield Soil Sampling Kit




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In situ Sampling and Preparation, Sampling and Hand Boring

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Oakfield Soil Sampling Kit

The Oakfield Soil Sampling Kit was developed for rapid sampling in all types of soils. The kit contains a sampling tube for soft loamy soils and an auger for sampling dense, hard or frozen soils. 

Although developed for sampling of soils for agricultural purposes, the kit is a valuable tool in preliminary soils investigations of all types.

Includes tube and auger samplers, two extension rods, handle and fiber board case.

Core Size diam x l,” 3/4 x 9
Description Oakfield Soil Sampling Kit



Sampling Tube 15 /16” o.d. x 12 -1/2” l. (24 x 31 8 mm).
Core Size 3/4” diam. x 9” l. (19 x 22 9 mm).
Auger 1-1/4” diam. x 8-1/2” l. (38 x 21 6 mm).
Extension Rods Two included; 12 ” l. (305 mm).
Weight Net 3 lbs. (1.4 kg).


Basic Auger Kit


• Basic soil sampling tools in one field ready kit.• Includes access augers, extensions, and core sampler.• Accessories included in convenient carrying case.The Basic Auger Kit has virtually everything you need in one place for obtaining soil samples. It includes all the tools necessary to get down to your required sampling depth with ease under a variety of soil conditions.Three augers (one each regular, sand and mud), extensions, a core sampler, slide hammer, cross handle and accessories are conveniently packaged in a deluxe carrying case. In accordance with ASTM D420, the Basic Auger Kit can be used for the purpose of exploration of superficial soils.