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Horizontal Sample Ejector




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In situ Sampling and Preparation, Sample Extrusion and Trimming

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Horizontal Sample Ejector

• Ejects samples from thin wall tubes for laboratory testing.
• Accepts a variety of tube sizes.
• Heavy-duty construction for long service life.

The Horizontal Sample Ejector is designed for the ejection of samples contained in thin wall tubes (Shelby Tubes). The ejector eliminates the necessity for cutting the tube samplers to recover a sample for examination and testing.

With the Horizontal Sample Ejector, specimens can be uniformly pushed from the sampling tubes until the desired length is reached. Equipped with spacers and interchangeable supports, the ejector can accommodate tube samplers varying in length from 4” to 24” (102 mm to 610 mm). The standard ejector is supplied with tube supports and grips for 2” and 3” (50.8 mm and 76.2 mm) diameter tubes.

Includes tube supports and grips for 2” o.d. (50.8 mm) and 3” o.d. (76.2 mm) tubes.

Weight, lbs 130
Description Horizontal Sample Ejector



Capacity 2” and 3” diam. (50.8 and 76.2 mm) x 4” to 24 ” l.
(102 to 610 mm) tubes.
Base I-Beam construction.
Gear Box Thrust bearing; hand crank assembly drive.
Mounting Table or bench.
Weight Net 130 lbs. (59 kg); Shpg. 162 lbs. (73.6 kg).


Sample Ejector


• Fast sample extrusion from moulds and sampling tubes up to 7” (178 mm) long.• 6,000 lbf. (26.7 kN) hand-operated hydraulic jack.• Bench top design for use in both the laboratory and the field.• All metal construction treated for rust resistance and long life.Fast extrusion and ejection of soil samples from moulds and short lengths of sample tubing are accomplished by the ELE Sample Ejector. Designed in a heavy duty bench style, the ejector has a pushing force of 6,000 lbf. (26.7 kN) which is developed through a hand operated hydraulic jack. This unit is complete with accessories for ejecting samples from 4" (101.6 mm) or 6" (152.4 mm) diamter moulds, up to 7" (178 mm) long.