Electronic Type Universal Testing Machine 2000 kfg (20 kN)

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Electronic Type Universal Testing Machine 2000 kfg (20 kN)



Universal Testing Machines

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Electronic Type Universal Testing Machines

36-2416/05 is a material property tester for test of physical characteristics of various materials such as metals, plastics, bio, composite materials, wire, paper and film, rubber, automotive, small parts, electronic equipment, aerospace, fiber etc. The ELE UTM series provides the process of test, analysis of data and various test result suited to the tester's requirements. The 36-2416/05 is a light table top model with a maximum capacity of 20kN able to test rubbers, films, paper, tape, plastic, fibers etc. Capable of testing tensile, compression, bending, shear, tear, peel etc. Testing standards such as ISO, ASTM, KS, JS, BS.

  • Dual column electro mechanical table top model
  • High precision load cell, class 1 and class 0.5 calibration
  • 1/100,000 force resolution / 0.01mm/min speed accuracy
  • 0.01~500mm/min speed (up to 1000mm/min option)
  • Up to 4 step division of force capacity for more detailed reading
  • Overload protection limit sensor, non-contact extension limit sensor
  • Emergency power cut off button


Description Electronic Type Universal Testing Machine 2000 kfg (20 kN)
Frame Capacity 2000 kgf (20kN)
Max tension range 2000 kgf (20kN) 
Force resolution  1/100,000
Stroke resolution  0.001 mm
Load range  2 or 4 steps
Colum style Dual
Controller LCD controller 
Total weight  200 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 850 x 650 x 1500 mm