Electronic Type Universal Testing Machine 10,000 kgf (100kN)

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Electronic Type Universal Testing Machine 10,000 kgf (100kN)



Universal Testing Machines

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Electronic Type Universal Testing Machines

36-2424/05 is designed to serve the requirements of laboratories, research and development, quality control, manufacturers and educational fields. Hard plastics, metals, composites, wood, rope etc are ideal specimens for 36-2424/05. Tests methods such as tensile, compression, bending, peel, shear, puncture etc are available.


  • Dual column electro mechanical floor standing model
  • High precision load cell, class 1 and class 0.5 calibration
  • 1/50,000 force resolution 
  • 0.05~500mm/min 
  • Up to 4 step division of force capacity for more detailed reading
  • Overload protection limit sensor, non-contact extension limit sensor
  • Emergency power cut off button

Software features:

  • Close loop. Control of load, displacement, extension, stress and strain
  • Remote control via software, text execution, data analysis available through RS-232 port
  • Software updates and modification installation available via email or remote support
  • Diverse and robust configurations for automatic test end options, graph options, PID values, crosshead movement speeds etc
  • 15+ different Testing Methods including cyclic, creep, relaxation, keeping etc
  • View data and graphs of previously ran tests
  • Determine and analyze data points such as yield point, breaking point, modulous etc
  • Test report printing options include direct to printer or excel file export
  • Test report data can be configured to show only necessary data and to exclude unused data
  • Raw data analysis for detailed test data
  • Exportable to excel and customizable to show user required data
Frame Capacity 10,000 kgf (100kN)
Max tension range  10,000 kgf (100kN)
Force resolution  1/50,000
Stroke resolution  0.001 mm
Load range  4 steps
Colum style Dual 
Controller  LCD Digital Indicator 
Total weight  750 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 1000 x 750 x 2100 mm