ADR Touch SOLO 1500 Compression Machine with Digital Readout.

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ADR Touch SOLO 1500 Compression Machine with Digital Readout.



Compression Machines

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Manually-Operated Compression Machines

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General Purpose Compression Machines

• 1560 kN/350 000 lbf capacity
• Calibration accuracy to BS EN ISO 7500-1; ASTM E4;
• Efficient hydraulic power packs
• Economic machines ideal for site use

The Compact 1500 range of compression machines has been designed to meet the need for a simple, economic and reliable means of testing concrete.

Specimen Capacity
The dimensions of the frame allow the testing of cylinders up to 320 mm long x 160 mm diameter, and cubes 150 or 100 mm square. Kerbs and flagstones may also be tested on the ADR machine as well as 150 mm and 100 mm square section beams to ASTM C78, using the optional 100 kN flexural frames which are connected to the power pack.

Load Indication
The ADR digital readout is a microprocessor controlled instrument, which is fitted as standard to all digital machines in the range. Load can be displayed in kN, lbf or kgf as selected by the operator.

**Not available for sale in the USA**

The Standard range of compression machines has been designed to meet the need for a simple, economic and reliable means of testing concrete.

Whilst delivering all the features and reputation of the established ADR Series with its extensive design history, the new and improved user interface provides a high quality platform for testing that enhances the performance of ELE’s compression machines.
New, sophisticated electronics further the benefits of simplified operation, whilst delivering the highest levels of accuracy in testing concrete and cement/mortar samples, satisfying the needs of Quality Control Managers, Lab Managers and Technicians.

Accuracy & Savings
The new ADR Touch Series, with 145mm (5.7”) high resolution QVGA touch screen interface and intuitive menu-driven operation, reduces the time taken to set up the machine and perform tests, reducing the time to train staff by up to 25%.

• Up to 6 sample types can be set as favorites, enabling one-touch set up for repeat testing.
• Full, QWERTY touch pad for input of test data.

Most testing errors produce lower strength results. Noncompliant loading rates can generate errors in measured strength. The user interface includes real-time display of load vs. time, further ensuring accurate and consistent test results and providing “goodness of test” data to improve traceability in your QC operations.

Traceability & Data Quality
The ADR range now provides improved data quality and traceability in due diligence cases – it is now possible to demonstrate traceability all the way from the machine/user to the accreditation body, increasing your reputation and peace of mind – all test results now come complete with the machine serial number attached.

• Enhanced USB data communications between PC and machine – eliminating the need for download software.
• Two gigabytes of storage memory.
• Full customization of sample sizes – stress calculations are automatically recalculated.

User Safety
With full safety gates as standard, total systems diagnostics, ram run-out switches and overload warnings ensure the safety of your employees and the reliability of your machine.

Voltage Supply 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
Force Capacity, kN 1500
Maximum Ram Travel mm 50 mm
Dimensions length x width x height, mm 430 x 600 x 1035
Rated power W 1350 W
Weight, kg 350
BS EN ISO 7500-1 Yes



Testing Standards BS EN ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4
Capacity 1500 kN
Cubes (Concrete) Up to 150 mm
Cylinders (Concrete) Up to 160 x 320 mm
Blocks n/a
Flexural Testing Via Flexural Frame
TFV and ACV Yes
Voltage Supply 220-240V 50/60 Hz 1Ph.
Frame Type Welded
Max vert. Clearance 340 mm
Max hor. Clearance 325 mm
Platen Sizes Lower, Upper 222 mm
Max Ram Travel 50 mm


100kN Flexural Fitting Kit (ADR) Used for Connecting Flexural Frames to ADR Compression Machines.


e of ELE compression machines. Simply select one of two fitting kits designed to link the flexural frame to either the ADR-Auto range of compression machines or any other ADR compression machine.

2000 kN Load Calibration Device complete with Handheld Readout Unit & Calibration Certificate ISO376


bration certificate.  Capacities 2 tonnes to 1000 tonnes <±0.1% Accuracy Sealed to IP65 Robust Construction Submersible Version Available Competitively Priced The 0.1% accuracy series of column compression load cells are designed for use as reference standards for the calibration of other load cells or in high capacity weighing applications, where precise measurement and high accuracy is of utmost performance. Their simple column design and sealed construction assures excellent resistance in the most arduous conditions. Applications: Reference standards, high capacity weighing applications, silo weighing, pile force measurement, heavy duty jack levelling systems, press calibration, centre of gravity (CoG) measurement systems and high capacity multi-point weighing systems.

ADR Touch SOLO 2000 Semi-Automatic Compression Machine with Digital Readout.


2000 kN/450 000 lbf capacity Tests 150 and 100 mm concrete cubes or cylinders up to 320 x 160 mm diameter Incorporates an ADR touch digital readout with rugged electrically driven hydraulic power pack with manual pace control as standard.  High stability welded construction steel frame.   Fitted with front and rear gates for operator protection.   Maximum vertical clearance between upper & lower platen 340mm  and horizontal distance is 325 mm Supplied with 222 mm dia removable lower platen marked for centering of cube and cylinder specimens.     Incorporating the ADR Touch digital readout, the machines are designed to test cubes and cylinders in accordance with most International Standards. Supplied fitted for cylinder testing with safety gates. When used for cube testing appropriate distance pieces according to the size of specimen to be tested are required and must be ordered separately.