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DS7.3 Direct and Residual Shear Strength for Windows 10



Direct Shear and Vane Tests, Data Logging, Software and Electronic Instrumentation

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Geotechnical Testing Software

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DS7.3 for Windows 10, Automatic Data Acquisition - Direct Shear

This unique package provides test options for quick undrained or drained shear tests with the user selectable option of residual testing. Individual test results can be linked together to produce the Coulomb Envelope. Printouts and plots are available for sample description and basic test data such as moisture content, etc. Realtime plots of settlement, shear versus displacement and vertical displacement during shearing is readily available via the PC screen or printer.

Description DS7.3 Direct and Residual Shear Strength for Windows 10

Minimum PC System Requirements

•Computer: IBM-compatible PC

•Disk Space: Minimum of 1 Gbyte free hard disk space

•RAM: Minimum of 2 Gbyte

•Processor: 2GHz minimum*

•Screen: 1024 x 768 for best results, or higher

•System Software: Windows™ 10

•Net Framework 4 (included)

•For full advantage of the advanced reporting facilities, Microsoft

Word (Version 2016 and 365) should be resident on the system.

* (Note : AMD processors not supporting SSE2 are not compatible. 

These include all AMD ‘Socket A’ parts)