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DS7.3 CBR Penetation for Windows 10



Compaction & CBR Test Equipment, Data Logging, Software and Electronic Instrumentation

Sub Category:

California Bearing Ratio, Geotechnical Testing Software

Product Group:

DS7.3 for Windows 10, Automatic Data Acquisition - CBR

This program provides the classical data for the CBR test. Load and penetration are monitored simultaneously. The program tabulates the results and provides a graphical presentation report.

Description DS7.3 CBR Penetation for Windows 10

Minimum PC System Requirements

•Computer: IBM-compatible PC

•Disk Space: Minimum of 1 Gbyte free hard disk space

•RAM: Minimum of 2 Gbyte

•Processor: 2GHz minimum*

•Screen: 1024 x 768 for best results, or higher

•System Software: Windows™ 10

•Net Framework 4 (included)

•For full advantage of the advanced reporting facilities, Microsoft

Word (Version 2016 and 365) should be resident on the system.

* (Note : AMD processors not supporting SSE2 are not compatible. 

These include all AMD ‘Socket A’ parts)