Clamped Boss Load Ring - 28.0 kN

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Clamped Boss Load Ring - 28.0 kN



Compaction & CBR Test Equipment, Soil Strength (Triaxial), Data Logging, Software and Electronic Instrumentation, Load Measurement, Soils, Laboratory Equipment

Sub Category:

California Bearing Ratio, In-situ CBR, Measurement instrumentation, Instrumentation for Triaxial testing, Compaction and CBR, CBR, Soil Strength (Triaxial), Triaxial Load Frames, Load Measurement, Proving Rings

Product Group:

Clamped Boss Load Rings, Digital Tritest 50 Load Frame, Load Measurement, Proving Rings, CBR-Test 50 Machine, Conversion of In-situ to Laboratory CBR, Load Measurement, CBR Loading Press, Hand-Operated, Force measurement

Description Load ring - 28 kN
Value of CBR % Average range of CBR
Load device type Load ring
Force Capacity, kN 28
Overall Height, mm 248
BS 1377 Yes
BS 1924 Yes
ASTM D4429 Yes



Capacity: kN, kgf, lbf 28.0, 2800, 6000
Typical Design sensitivity: N/div, kgf/div, lbf/div 25.5, 2.54, 5.45
Overall height mm 248
Approx weight kg 5.4




Capacity 28 kN
Value of CBR Average range of CBR




Capacity - lbf 6,000
Capacity - kN 28
Capacity - kgf 2,800
Typical Design Sensitivity - lbf/div 5.45
Typical Design Sensitivity - N/div 25.5
Typical Design Sensitivity - Kgf/div 2.54
Overall Height 9.76” (248 mm)
Approx Weight 11 .9 lbs.(5.4 kg)