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50kN Clamped Boss Load Ring



Compaction & CBR Test Equipment, Soil Strength (Triaxial), Data Logging, Software and Electronic Instrumentation, Design and Testing of Bituminous Mixtures, Load Measurement, Soils, Asphalt, Laboratory Equipment

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California Bearing Ratio, Measurement instrumentation, Instrumentation for Triaxial testing, Marshall Stability and Flow, Compaction and CBR, CBR, Soil Strength (Triaxial), Triaxial Load Frames, Design and Testing of Bituminous Mixtures, Marshall Stability and Flow, Load Measurement, Proving Rings

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Clamped Boss Load Rings, Digital Tritest 50 Load Frame, Load Measurement, Proving Rings, Accessories for the Marshall test, Accessories for the Marshall Test, CBR-Test 50 Machine, Load Measurement, CBR Loading Press, Hand-Operated, Force measurement

Calibrated in compression.

Description Clamped Boss Load ring - 50 kN
Value of CBR % Above 40%
Overall Height, mm 248
EN 12697-34 Yes
Force Capacity, kN 50
Load device type Load ring



Capacity - kN 50
Capacity - kgf 5000
Capacity - Ibf 11,200
Typical Design Sensitivity - kN/div 45.5
Typical Design Sensitivity - Kgf/div 4.54
Typical Design Sensitivity - Ibf/div 10.18
Overall Height 9.76” (248 mm)
Approx Weight 6.35 kg