Our list of current Soil Moisture products are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Soil Moisture Block 0.9 m Lead

0.9 Meter Long Lead

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Soil Moisture Block 2.7 m Lead

2.7 Metre Long Lead

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Soil Moisture Block 4.5 m Lead

4.5 Metre Long Lead

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Soil moisture meter.

This instrument is rugged, hand-held for field derivation of soil moisture.

Buriable soil moisture blocks allow moisture levels to be measured throughout the soil profile. 

It is easy to use and battery operated.

This instrument is the ideal companion for the new, slim design moisture blocks, which are placed in the soil and leads connected in turn, to the meter. The measured resistance of the block, in ohms, is converted to a corresponding reading between 0 and 100 on an empirical scale. In practical terms this empirical range covers the soil suction range 0.2 to 15 bar and using the calibration graphs of soil moisture content (dry weight percentage) against soil suction in bars, the soil moisture content may be determined.

In practical situations, resistance blocks are often placed at various depths in the soil to monitor soil moisture content profiles across the root zone. Experience will determine the optimum depth of placement depending on the particular soil type. 

The soil moisture blocks are designed for use with this particular meter and give a uniform and quick response, made possible by their slim design (20mm diameter).   

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