• 0.1 mV resolution, necessary for ion selective electrodes.
• Automatically recognizes pH 4.01, 7.01 and 10.01 buffers.
• Simple 2 point automatic calibration.
• 3 meters in one: pH, mV and temperature are all
measured accurately.

The Microcomputer pH Meter is able to perform pH, ORP, ISE and temperature measurements with high accuracy and fast response. The mV measurements automatically switch from 0.1 to 1 mV resolution when the reading reaches 400 mV.

Temperature effects are compensated for automatically or manually on the control panel. The meter is supplied complete with a plastic body, double junction, gel pH electrode, and temperature probe.

Microcomputer pH Meter

Fast results: Provided by the right choice of quickly responding electrodes for your application, integrated laboratory systems or unique multi probes with up to 4 parameters by 1 click for field applications.

Maximum simplicity: sensION+ systems come complete with everything you need to start testing.
Ease of use operation, either with superior field usability or fully integrated laboratory set up:
sensION+ simplifies your measurement tasks!

  • Fast pH measurements
  • Maximum simplicity
  • Designed for field use
  • One Hand Operation
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Spare pH Electrode

Low cost gel-filled pH electrode with ceramic diaphragm. Automatic temperature compensation. Polycarbonate body. Range 0-14 pH, 0-80 °C. 1 m cable. For portable meters.
This low maintenance pH electrode is suitable for measurements in aqueous media in general. A storage protector prevents breakage and avoids over pressurisation of the diaphragm.

  • Low cost, low maintenance 3-in-1 design for a variety of applications.
  • Ultra portable but protected against harsh field conditions
  • Heavy-duty electrode handle design optimized for field calibration and storage
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