Pneumatic Consolidation Apparatus

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Pneumatic Consolidation Apparatus




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Manual Consolidation

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Pneumatic Consolidation Apparatus

32 tsf capacity.

Required Air Pressure, psi 123
ASTM D2435 Yes
ASTM D4546 Yes
Description Pneumatic Consolidation Apparatus



Construction Aluminum cabinet with enamel finish; 1” (25 .4 mm) thick aluminum load platform plate; stainless steel
vertical rods.
Maximum Load 32 tsf.
Required Air Pressure 123 psi (848 kPa).
Vertical Clearance 8.25 ” (21 0 mm).
Horizontal Clearance 7.75” (197 mm).
Maximum Piston Travel 0.5” (12 .7 mm).
Dimensions 12 ” w. x 14 .5” d. x 20.5” h. (305 x 368 x 521 mm).
Weight Net 48 lbs. (21 .8 kg).


2.416" Stainless Steel Consolidation Cell


s upper, lower porous discs and cutting ring Complies to ASTM D2435

2.5" Stainless Steel Consolidation Cell


s upper, lower porous discs and cutting ring Complies to ASTM D2435

50mm Stainless Steel Consolidation Cell


s upper, lower porous discs and cutting ring Complies to ISO 17892-5 and BS 1377-5 

75mm Stainless Steel Consolidation Cell


s upper, lower porous discs and cutting ring Complies to ISO 17892-5 and BS 1377-5 

AUTO Soils Consolidator


Designed and engineered for geotechnical laboratories to deliver new levels of efficiency in testing procedures. The one-dimensional consolidation test is the most common, and sometimes referred to as the oedometer or incremental loading oedometer test. Radially constrained samples are loaded in a sequence starting with a stress close to the over burden pressure of the sample. The loading is then doubled for each stage; typically 4 or 5 times, with a final unloading sequence. Now supplied complete with DS8.0 One-Dimensional Consolidation Software  Features: - Available in one universal model 90-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph - 7” waterproof, colour, graphical touchscreen - Multi language - No compressor – stepper motor improves accuracy across entire 15 kN load range - Variable speed to suit sample type - Can change target loads during a test - Flexible reports - Compatible with latest DS8 software Customer benefits: - Fully automatic – reduces testing time - Compact footprint – saves laboratory space - Save configurations for easy set-up of multiple cells and repeat tests - Control up to 16 AUTO Soils Consolidator machines from one PC – improves laboratory efficiency - Ability to include manual consolidation frames – avoids redundancy - Wide range of sample cells Please note: S type load cell and a linear variable displacement transducer (LVDT) must be ordered seperately 

Consolidation Frame One Dimensional Consolidation Incremental Loading Device.


• High capacity – 8800 kPa on 50 mm diameter specimens using 11:1 beam ratio• Triple beam ratio, 9:1, 10:1, 11:1• Compact unit ensures maximum space savingThe ELE Oedometer is rigidly constructed to ensure minimum frame distortion. The frame is designed to load the specimen through a yoke assembly and one of three alternative beam ratios. The beam is fitted with a counterbalance weight and beam support jack. The cell platform will accept the complete range of ELE consolidation cells and is fitted with a central spigot to ensure accurate centring of the cell under the loading yoke. Dimensions without hanger 711 x 203 x 508 mm (l x w x h). Weight 24 kg. PLEASE NOTE: 25-0402 does not come with a mounting stand, cell or a transducer 

Electronic Digital Indicator, 1.0"/25.4 mm range


Resolution of 0.0001" (0.002 mm)