An extension of the QU test is the unconsolidated undrained test (UU); this is similar to the QU test but is run at a slower rate in order to measure pore water pressure.

By comparison, effective stresses when measured in a triaxial cell are more complex in their nature, as numerous parameters can be measured. These include back pressure, pore water pressure and volume change; all of which can be used to calculate the required engineering properties.

Effective stress tests are usually referred to as consolidated drained (CD) or consolidated undrained (CU). Generally the CD test is applicable to sands, while both the CU or CD test can be used with clays. There are many special test variations within these basic test groupings.

Our range of triaxial cells and accessories, used in conjunction with other equipment such as load frames, pressure sources and measurement devices, have been specifically designed to meet the wide ranging requirements of modern soil mechanics laboratories. Each system is easy to set up and use, providing accurate and repeatable measurements.